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Repair of the bridge in Opala 

One World United identified a key factor for survival of the people in Opala to ensure an income. The bridge in Lobaye  is non functional and dangerous. This is the only way the people can leave their  villages to sell rice or or go to the city to receive much needed supplies for food, medicine and shelter.

One World united have already financed and employed engineers and workers to start this project.


Rebuild the schools for the villages of Opala and educating on Agriculture

The conditions of the schools make it impossible for the people in Opala to have an education.

The schools need is in desperate need of proper infrastructure. If it rains then the children cannot attend schools. The teachers volunteer. There is no funding allocated to the villages from the government for schooling.  We need your help to rebuild these facilities, we are currently helping the children learn english with some local teachers and we plan to find more qualified educators so the youth of the community can receive a proper education.

We are also educating the villages on agriculture and how to farm their own land to be self sufficient.


Implement a flying Drs service and build new hospitals.

There is no hospitals in many of the villages in Opala. The ones that do have extremely unhygienic and poor conditions. they do not have access to medicine. We at one world united have already assisted with supplies of medicines to the clinics. We have been working on an airport, from one of the villages to the closest city of Kisangani for the people in need of urgent medical assistance. We will have Doctors on board the aeroplanes. This will save thousands of lives. 


Helping the ​orphanages


There are many children left with no parents. The problem is there is no birth control, hence many unwanted babies. We are currently assisting in Kisangani the local orphanage, which is run by the nuns. These children need donations for food, rebuilding of the facility, educational materials and clothes.​ One World united has already started this, but we need your help


Repair and rebuilding of the roads 


The roads in Opala mostly consist of dense forests and are narrow and dangerous. We have already started to help and repair the roads for the people to assist them to help with their survival for income and to travel safely.​​


Creating a sense of community

One World united have started the Joseph Bagala Football foundation. we have created 9 football teams to date. This creates a sense of community. We plan to make more teams and form a national one to compete with the mainland in Congo.

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