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that we receive.




One World United was founded by Joseph Bagala and Melissa Inkster who are National of Australians in February 2020.

Joseph Bagala and Melissa Inkster founded the Charity with the idea to help the Congolese people in February/ March 2020.

Joseph Bagala went to the Congo due to a series of catastrophic horrific life-changing events leading up to their introduction to each other. 

In the Opala Community, Joseph and Melissa witnessed the extremity of poverty,  lack of development,  health, and education. These extremely spiritually rich kind-hearted people deserve a better future in which they wished to create.


Through the help of a great international team, One World United was found. We plan collectively as a group to address the issues of poverty, health, education, and agriculture to the DRC of Congo.


We would urge and appreciate your donation to our cause. 

Image by Annie Spratt

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